How To Win Aviator Crash Game

Manu Murimi
June 14, 2023

Crash games have taken the online gambling world by storm, no doubt about that. But there’s this specific game – Aviator. It’s probably the most popular crash gambling game across the globe. 

I, therefore, understand why you want to try it out.

But you can’t just play blindly, especially when there’s money involved. That’s why I played the game several times, won and lost, but most importantly, I learned. 

That’s what I want to share with you so you can always win at the Aviator game. Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?

What is The Aviator Game, And How Does it Work?

To get off on the right foot, we need to understand what this crash game is and how it works. Simply put, Aviator is an online game developed by Spribe. Playing it involves several rounds that end quickly. You can therefore make or lose money within little time. 

As a player, you are a pilot who must reach high altitudes to scoop big wins. As you fly high, the odds increase. And depending on the crash gambling site you choose, this coefficient can go as high as x3,000 (the highest I’ve seen myself). 

Check the most recent stats below: 

The highest odds for the Aviator game

Here’s the catch; the plane can fly away at any time. You, therefore, need to cash out before that happens. Otherwise, you’ll lose.

Your winnings will depend on the coefficient at the time of cashout and the stake amount. For example, if you bet $100 and the odds when you decided to cash out were x10. In this case, you will win 100 x 10 = $1000.

Best of all, you can place two bets at the same time. I often cash out one of them for my own securities. It’s actually one of the strategies of always winning. 

So, how do you always win at Aviator casino game? Read on!

How to win at Aviator game online

I’ll say it outright: I am a gambler, and one thing is for sure. Regardless of the casino game you are playing, winning is never guaranteed. Aviator is no different. 

Although I managed to identify and come up with great strategies, they don’t always work. They did for me, though, so let’s get right into it!

1. Keep an eye on the round history

At the top of the screen is a statistics panel showing the round history. See below!

Round history in Aviator game

This data simply shows you the multipliers for the past rounds. The coefficients are labeled in different colors, but I’ll help you understand them. Here’s the summary:

  • Blue – odds less than x2
  • Purple – odds more than x2 but less than x10
  • Red – odds above x10

Why observe the round history? Well, it shows you the trend and hopefully help you make the correct choices. How so?

Picture this: there have been 3 to 4 consecutive less than x2 odds (blue) in the last 20 rounds. You now want to place bets in the current round. However, the previous round had “blue” odds, and the one preceding it was “purple.”  

In this case, there’s a high possibility that the odds for the current round (where you want to bet on) will be less than x2 (blue). If you place two bets and only cash out one before the plane flies away, you still lose.

Still on the same assumption, if the previous 4 rounds had “blue” odds, there’s a high chance that the current round will have “purple” or “red” odds. That would be a great time to implement strategy 1.

But remember, it’s not a guarantee. Aviator is a provably fair casino game where outcomes are completely random.

Play a free demo game for Aviator and try it out first.

2. Place two simultaneous bets and cash out one once the odds are 2x or higher

The Aviator crash game has two bet panels. You can either place one bet or both of them simultaneously. I advise you to do the latter and cash out once the coefficient reaches 2x. Why?

Two bet panels on Aviator crash game

Cashing out at the odds of 2x brings back the investment for the two bets. So, even if the second one loses, you’ll still have your initial money. 

This gives you the confidence to wait for the odds to go as high as possible. After all, you won’t lose a penny. And if the bet wins, your bankroll grows.

Pro Tip: The Aviator crash game has an Auto Cash Out feature. Use it to cash out the first bet.

3. Don’t get distracted by other players

When playing Aviator, details about other players in that round are displayed on your left. Here, you’ll see each player’s stake, and when they cash out, you’ll see that as well. Don’t let that data affect when you cash out.

Be strategic! Be smart!

Data about other players playing Aviator game in a single round.

Best Aviator Casinos – Play For Free!

Here are some of the best casinos to play Aviator game online. They all provide demo versions of the game.

Summary: How to always win at Aviator game online

Crash games are fun to play and win. There are several of them, but Aviator is the most popular one. Honestly, I’ve played this crash gambling game since 2019. That’s why I can confidently say these 3 easy-to-understand strategies have worked for me.

  • Keep an eye on the round history
  • Place two simultaneous bets and cash out one at the odds of x2
  • Don’t get distracted by other players

Do you have more ideas on how to make money with Aviator? Well, hit the comment button and let’s all learn.


  • Is Aviator game legal?

    Yes. The crash game is developed by Spribe, a licensed game provider. However, you must play at a licensed casino to make sure that whatever you win is paid out.

  • Is the Aviator game available on mobile devices?

    Of course! You can play Aviator on mobile without downloading any extra software.

  • Why is the Aviator game so popular?

    First, the game is easy to learn, understand and play. Secondly, it is provably fair, so all outcomes are completely random. Lastly, the game has fast-paced rounds, so you can win every few seconds if you’re lucky.

  • What’s the best Aviator casino right now?

    I would recommend 1xbet and Dafabet. They are legal, reputable and have an average RTP of 97%. Besides, you’ll be in for great bonus treats once you sign up for an account.

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