How To Beat The Online Casino – 10 Proven Tips

Manu Murimi
October 21, 2023
How To Beat The Online Casino - 10 Proven Tips

Do you feel like the odds are always against you? Many gamblers do, so we compiled a guide on how to beat the casino

Online gambling is fun and sometimes rewarding. However, it can be frustrating, too, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. 

That’s why problem gambling has been on the rise at an alarming rate. As much as we share winning tips, we encourage you to play responsibly. 

The house always wins, and there’s no debating that. However, you can still outsmart the always-ready computers. Check out the top 10 tips on how to beat the online casino

Set a Budget and Stick to it 

Beating the casino is not always about winning. Reducing losses is also part of it. Therefore, set a budget before deciding which games to play. 

The budget should include: 

  • How much you’re willing to stake per bet, hour or day 
  • How much loss you can take in without breaking the bank. 
  • How long you should play in an hour or day. 

You can also have a more comprehensive plan where you decide how much you should spend on gambling in a month. But setting a budget is not enough. You need to stick to it. 

Losing is par for the course, so don’t chase losses. If you do so in a game like poker (tilt), other players will notice and capitalize on that poor decision. In the end, you’ll lose more. 

Play Games With the Lowest House Edge 

House edge means the advantage a casino has over players. To beat the casino, you should play games with the least house advantage

Such include blackjack and craps, where you can get the house edge to 1% or below. No other table game comes close to the odds of these two. 

Keno has one of the highest house edges (up to 35%), so you should take it off your list if you intend to beat the casino. 

If blackjack and craps aren’t your cup of tea, consider playing other games that eat up your money slowly. Good examples here are French Roulette and baccarat

The latter has a house edge of 1.06%, while the former gives the house 2.7% or 1.35% when La Partage & En Prison rules come into play.

Avoid Games Classified as Popular or Recommended 

Just like land-based casinos will place the most striking slot machines by the door, online gambling sites will display their favourite games on the first page. 

Some are placed under ‘Popular’ or ‘Recommended’ categories. 

Surprisingly, these games may not even be players’ favourites; maybe it’s the casino’s. Such titles often have the highest risks, and casinos want to capitalize on that. 

You don’t want to fall for it. 

To beat the casino, don’t dance to their tune. Explore their gaming library and play games you like, not just what they recommend. If possible, go for the least attractive options. 

Find a Sloppy Dealer and Join Their Table 

Live casinos are made for players who want to enjoy games in real time. If you’re bored by the virtual machines, try your luck in the live dealer studio. 

You’ll even have a chance to beat the online casino. How so? 

You can identify a clumsy dealer who will make winning easier for you. Take live blackjack as an example. Some inexperienced dealers may accidentally display their face-down card. If you spot that, it may be your lucky day. 

Identifying such a croupier is not always a walk in the park. You need gambling sites with a huge number of live dealer tables. 

But that’s not a problem because most legal casinos in Canada do. Below are good examples of such gambling sites. 

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Learn Several Strategies and Use Demo Versions to Practice 

Using the wrong strategy increases the house advantage by up to 2%. But having no strategy at all means you’re playing blindly. 

You don’t want to do that, especially in games like blackjack and poker that need skills. 

Before you play real money games, get a reliable playbook and learn. After that, practice the strategies. Online casinos offer free play games, perfect for practicing and polishing your gaming skills. 

Once you’re confident with the strategy and implementation, it’s time to test the actual waters. Stake real cash and see how it plays out.

Play Poker 

If you know how to play poker, go for it whenever possible. There’s no house advantage because you’re playing against other players. 

That’s unlike banked games such as roulette and blackjack. 

Of course, variance and luck have a role, but at least the casino doesn’t dictate whether you win or lose. That’s one way to beat the house. 

With the casino out of your winning path, the next thing is to master poker skills and strategies. Perfect the craft, and you could beat other players as well. 

Don’t Be Predictable 

As humans, we are made of habits, and casinos know that. When faced with a challenge, there’s a way we always react. That’s not good when gambling. 

Online casinos observe your moves in every game you play. They study your betting patterns – stake sizes, time of day, most played games and the number of consecutive gaming sessions

With this data, they can build a strategy to keep you betting on the platform or ban you if you’re always winning. Some gambling sites even have provisions in their terms and conditions where certain betting patterns are prohibited. 

To beat the online casino, don’t be predictable. Change your stakes, games, and time spent gambling whenever possible. 

Claim Bonuses and Use Them Wisely 

Online casinos give out bonuses to new and existing players. This gives you the perfect opportunity to beat them using their own cash. Seize all the gratuity you can and use it wisely. 

While doing that, don’t forget the bonus terms. The most significant condition is the rollover requirement attached to the promotion. 

Also called a wagering or playthrough requirement, this is the minimum number of times you should play through the bonus funds to convert it to withdrawable money. 

As a rule of thumb, don’t spend the bonus money on games with little or no wagering contribution. It will be hard and almost impossible to convert the bonus. 

In most online casinos, slots have a 100% wagering contribution. Table games, video poker and live dealers have low or no contributions at all

Expert Tip: Avoid non-sticky bonuses; it’s almost impossible to meet their wagering requirements.

List a few (say 4) casinos with the best bonuses. 

Keep Emotions Out of the Way 

In real money gambling, you should get rid of emotions. This goes hand in hand with not chasing losses. 

After losing, don’t try to get it all back. Lose the money, but not your head. Similarly, when on a winning streak, remember you won’t always win. 

Simply put, excitement or frustration should not dictate how you bet, when you bet and how much you stake. If they do, casinos will study your betting patterns, and it will be difficult to outsmart them. 

Stop While You’re Winning 

Online casinos have a way of keeping you on the platform. One tactic is to make you think you’re winning so that you can stake a larger amount. Don’t fall for that! 

After bagging a few wins, that’s the right time to quit. If you’re lucky to land one big win, cash out and return another day. 

The idea is to leave while you’re winning so you don’t lose the money.

Final Thoughts: Can You Really Outsmart Casinos? 

Beating the casino is not just about winning. It’s also about being unpredictable because only then can you outsmart them. 

Also, online casino games are random by design. That means winning or losing is never guaranteed. 

Nonetheless, you can swing the odds to your advantage by implementing the tips shared here. And as a rule of thumb, remember to play responsibly! 

Author Steve Myatt

Steve is the founder of Gamblers Cafe. He came up with the idea in 2022 and has been providing insights found herein. Having been in the gambling industry for over 5 years, he uses this opportunity to make the industry safe by assessing casinos and recommending the best ones.