Florida Sports Betting Apps

Manu Murimi
October 20, 2023
Florida sports betting Apps

Florida’s eager bettors will have to exercise more patience as they await the relaunch of Hard Rock Bet, the primary authorized betting operator. Despite the 2021 lower court ruling against the Seminole Compact being invalidated by the court of appeal, ongoing court litigation has caused delays. Many, including us, had anticipated the return of Hard Rock Bet this month, but it appears the decision has been delayed.

However, there is no need to fret because horse racing enthusiasts can still find legal options to enjoy their passion. Consequently, gamblers can wager on offshore betting sites. So precisely, there is much more at your disposal than you can imagine. 

So here in this guide, we aim to dig deep into the intricacies of sports betting in FL, identify the state of overall betting, and then later recommend the best sportsbooks to play at.

Online sports betting in Florida

Sports betting in Florida is partially legal. That is considering the enactment of the Seminole Compact that permitted the operation of Hard Rock Sportsbook. However, it was later closed up to date. So essentially, there is no active sportsbook provider in Florida. 

Nevertheless, players can place bets on horse races, greyhound races, and cardroom poker, as these are the only legal and accessible betting markets in the state. Alternatively, they can explore reputable offshore betting sites. Even though, it goes without mentioning the risks of playing in these sites as the state holds no jurisdiction over their operations.

As a general rule of thumb, reputable offshore sportsbooks will offer the best and most diverse gaming markets. As such, you have the flexibility you would love. Whether it is betting on super leagues like NBL and NFL or betting on baseball and American football. Precisely the sports of your taste.

Even better, offshore betting apps tend to offer favorable, high, rewarding odds. They also have regular bonuses, which give customers unimaginable leverage. Offshore sites are accessible, whether on desktop or mobile devices. A few could have betting apps, but they may be easily outlawed in the US. Nevertheless, players can confidently place their bets directly from their device’s web browsers.

Best Betting Sites For Florida Residents

150% 1st deposit bonus up to $750
1st deposit bonus of up to $500

Sports Betting Legislation in Florida

Florida sports betting has never been part of the legal gambling framework. Only in 2021, some laws were altered after a Compact deal was struck between the Florida government and tribesmen of Seminole- who own a franchise casino company. As such, the Hard Rock Sportsbook App was born and debuted on November 1, 2021. 

However, cardrooms and parimutuel horse race operators, who were also interested in sportsbook services, initiated legal proceedings in a lower court. They argued that the arrangement was unfair and lacked good faith, and their lawyers sought to invalidate the compact on their behalf. Staying true to their convictions, the district judge invalidated the agreement despite being recognized at the federal level.

The result? Hard Rock Sportsbook was closed temporarily(November 22, 2021), awaiting any possible legal interventions. As of today, the sportsbook remains closed. However, there is reason for optimism, given the recent invalidation of the 2021 lower court ruling by the court of appeal. Therefore, we anticipate that Hard Rock Bets will return before the year ends.

Nonetheless, there is a recent petition filed on September 25, 2023, by West Flagler & Associates, which may further extend the delay. They are challenging the constitutionality of the Seminole and government agreement concerning the changes to the original gaming compact law. We will update you on the same.

In-Person Sports Betting In Florida

Currently, there are no land-based sportsbooks in Florida which you can wager in person. However, with the potential complete legalization, we might see an increase in these sportsbooks. 

In the meantime, there are horse tracks where you can attend in person to watch horse races and place bets. Obviously, to enter these establishments, whether sportsbook or horse race tracks, you will be required to be over 21 years old.

Sports Betting In Neighboring States

Online sports betting is prohibited in all of Florida’s neighboring states. For example, in Georgia, there is no room for any form of gambling activity except for fantasy sports websites like FanDuel. Meanwhile, Alabama takes a strict stance, restricting not only sports betting but also lotteries. Although there are few instances of casino wagering, poker and horse race wagers. So, overall, it’s clear that sports betting is technically illegal in these neighboring states.

However, Georgia seems to be moving fast towards the future legalization of sports betting. Sports legislators are diligently working each year to garner support and push for the bill’s approval. As a result, there is growing optimism that sports betting may become legally permitted shortly, pending the bill’s passage.

In Alabama, numerous attempts to legalize sports betting have failed, garnering no support.

How do mobile sportsbook apps work in Florida?

There is no jurisdiction guiding the operation of mobile offshore sportsbooks in Florida. They target players randomly, with the sheer responsibility now left to players to choose the safest and the most reputable. 

To ensure a secure choice, gamblers should opt for an MD sports betting app that offers diverse gaming options, multiple banking solutions and holds licenses from reputable authorities. Here is how these sites work: You sign up on their official website, then download their mobile app. 

The app now will serve as a compact version of the sportsbook, providing convenient access to your preferred gaming markets. Summing up, they all work under the same principle. 

Getting Started – Step-by-step

Getting started in Florida betting sites is easy and straightforward. Here is how to go about it stepwise.

1. Sign up

Begin by selecting the most convenient sportsbook based on user reviews and thorough background checks. Ensure the site holds licenses from reputable authorities, offers a variety of gaming options, and supports convenient payment processors. Verify that it fits your preferences perfectly, and sign up on their official website.

2. Download the preferred sports betting app

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll find an option to download the Sportsbook app. Simply click on it to have the APK downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Most sportsbook apps are compatible with nearly all mobile device operating systems, so it should work seamlessly.

3. Make a deposit – fund your account

With everything set up, go ahead and make your deposit. We assume that the sportsbook you’ve chosen supports various payment methods. 

4. Claim offered bonuses / free bets

Most of these betting apps are never short of bonuses especially when targeting new players. So, immediately after depositing, stay around and see whether you can claim these bonuses.

5. Place your bets

Then finally, with your bonus and stake, you can place your bets and possibly win as you anticipate.

Bonuses and sports betting offers in Florida

Offshore casinos provide a range of bonuses to attract customers. Some are designed for new accounts, while others are general bonuses available to all players. These bonuses all share a common goal: enhancing the overall gaming experience for players. Here are the common bonuses you can expect to find in most offshore sportsbooks.

Match Bonuses

As the name suggests, this bonus is tied to the deposit you make. It 100% matches your deposit amount dollar for dollar. So, for instance, if you deposit $200, you will get an extra $200 as a bonus, topping your account to $400. Of Course, you can’t just go straight to withdrawing immediately after claiming the bonus. It is subject to playthrough requirements per the site’s terms and conditions.

Deposit bonuses

Another common bonus offered by Florida offshore bookmakers is the deposit bonus. It’s typically triggered by the deposit you make, but unlike the previous bonus, it doesn’t necessarily match 100% of your deposit amount. The percentage match for this type of bonus can range from 15% to 50% of your deposit amount. Like the match bonus, it’s also subject to the bookmaker’s playthrough requirements.

No deposit bonuses

You won’t need to deposit to claim this bonus. The bookmaker rewards you immediately after creating an account. It may look like free money to you, but it is subject to high wagering requirements. This kind of bonus is rare, as most bookmakers opt for after-deposit bonuses.

Payment methods for depositing

Florida offshore sportsbooks are incredibly versatile when it comes to payment methods. Among the most popular deposit choices are PayPal, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, branded Play+ cards, gift cards, and VIP Preferred ACH transfers. However, don’t just assume that these deposit processors will work seamlessly for withdrawals. Here are the most preferred withdrawal methods: debit/credit cards, online banking, wire transfer, PayPal, ACH, and Play+.

Transaction costs can differ significantly depending on the payment processor you choose. E-wallets typically offer faster transactions, while bank transfers may take longer to process. All these processors are tried and tested, hence reputable, with some existing even decades ago. 

What is legal to bet on in Florida

As of September 2023, parimutuel wagering is limited to horse races, quarter-horse races, greyhound racing, poker, and jai alai in Florida. Other games, such as NFL, Baseball, and Basketball, are not currently available for betting. This is because there is no authorized sportsbook operator allowed at the moment, except for Hard Rock Bets, which is currently suspended.

While there is a ban on offshore bookmakers, no legal action is taken against bettors who actively play on these sites. However, they do so at their own risk or responsibility, as Florida lacks jurisdiction over the operations of these sportsbooks.

So generally, in Florida, we anticipate the return of Seminole Hard Rock Bet, which previously offered players a comprehensive sports betting experience. This means that customers can wager comfortably and confidently again without worrying about losing their fortunes.

What’s Next For Betting Apps In Florida

Once the court rulings limbo is over and the dust settles, as we anticipate happening soon, we expect more sportsbooks to enter the market. Seminole Hard Rock Bet is the only one preparing for a major comeback following its closure in 2021. We anticipate the possibility of it launching more replicas of its sites, possibly before the year ends. However, this depends on the clearance provided by the ongoing legal proceedings. 

In general, there is hope for the once-dormant industry. The recent retail legalization of casino gaming, as seen with the Seminoles, provides significant optimism for complete legalization. It’s possible that other groups, such as Native Americans, may also advocate for similar bills. All indications point towards the likelihood of legalized sports betting across the state soon.

Trusted Florida sports betting mobile apps in 2023

Amidst the complexities surrounding online sports betting in Florida, we found some pretty cool offshore sites you can try your luck in. In the meantime, for horse racing enthusiasts, don’t sleep on these sites: Gulfstream Park, Gulfstream Park West and Amwager. Below, we briefly review two of the most trusted offshore Florida sports sites you can try your luck in today. 


This sportsbook has existed for decades(founded in 1991). It operates globally, with its headquarters in Panama City, Panama. Recently, it has gained immense popularity among US gamblers. They have even described it as the leading online sportsbook across the country. Of Course, we are not surprised, given the diverse gaming markets it offers to US/Florida customers. As such, they can bet on their favorites, like NFL, NBL, and American football. 


Here’s another well-liked betting app among Florida gamblers. It has an interesting history, as it was once a part of Bodog, a renowned gambling hub founded by the Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. However, in 2011, it went its way and adopted the name Bovada. What makes it stand out is its robust sportsbook, offering a selection of over 30 sports. It extensively covers American leagues, which is why it’s so beloved among many Floridians.

FAQs – Florida sports betting Apps

  • Is online sports betting legal in Florida?

    Absolutely, Florida residents can bet online, but currently, it’s only possible on offshore sites.
    The main sportsbook operator, Hard Rock Bet, hasn’t been operational for the past two years due to the ongoing court litigation. However, there’s a glimmer of hope, especially after the court ruling that suspended its operation was invalidated. So, sooner we can anticipate its return.

    Meanwhile, you can continue placing bets on horse races, greyhound races, and cardroom poker as these markets remain open. But if you wish to wager on super leagues like NFL and NBL, then offshore betting apps will come in handy.

  • What sports betting apps are there available in Florida?

    Florida residents have access to various sports betting apps, particularly for open markets like dog and horse races. Among the most popular Florida-based sports betting sites are TVG Florida, Dayatthetrack, DRFBets, Hollywood Races, and KeenelandSelect. Additionally, there are several reputable offshore sportsbooks welcoming Floridians. They offer ample betting opportunities for all bettors. Covering comprehensive sports markets like NFL, NBL and Basketball.

  • How does online sports betting work in Florida?

    Online sports betting in Florida follows a fairly standard process. You simply search for a licensed and legal site in Florida, proceed to sign up, deposit funds, and start placing your bets. If you opt for an offshore site, make sure it holds licenses from reputable authorities like the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). After that, you can sign up, deposit, and dive into the action.

    At the moment, online betting is available for horse and dog races, while other markets remain legally closed until the court clears Hard Rock to resume its services. However, offshore gambling sites may become a viable option at this point.

  • What sports can I bet on in Florida?

    You’ve got a wide range of sports to bet on in Florida, including baseball, basketball, NCAA Football, cricket, cycling, darts, and boxing. Precisely, there are plenty of gaming markets to explore. However, your eligibility to participate in these games hinges on resolving the current regulatory situation.

  • Can I sign up for multiple sports betting apps in Florida?

    Absolutely, you’re free to sign up at multiple offshore betting sites in Florida. Usually, these sites will ask you to verify your account before you can make any withdrawals. They typically don’t mind if you already have accounts with other sportsbooks; their main goal is to improve your overall betting experience.

    However, in most sports betting sites in Florida, creating multiple accounts could lead to suspensions or permanent bans. The sportsbook might assume that you’re trying to take advantage of their new player bonuses in a way that goes against their policies. So, it’s best to proceed cautiously and abide by their rules.

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