Crash Games for All Ages: Finding the Perfect Game for You

Steve Myatt
May 25, 2023
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Games of chance have always been in development as the years go by. One of the earliest adoptions of internet gaming was in crash games. This development led to the first-ever crash game, Crash Bandicoot. It was a 1996 development for Sony’s PlayStation, the gaming company.

Different games have been developed since then. The games give you the chance to win big in a short time. Beware; you can also lose as fast.

How Do Crash Games Work?

Crash gaming gained popularity because of its ease of play and quick rounds. The player controls the length of the game. The more they play, the higher the return.

In principle, crash games operate on algorithms. The game involves placing a bet against changing betting odds. The amount wagered is multiplied as the game progresses. As a player, you have to cash out before the game crashes.

The trick is to hold for long enough for maximum returns while avoiding the crash. No wonder the game is called “a game of nerve”. If you love dopamine games, this will surely get your breath on cue.

At times, the multiplier is unlimited in games with higher risks. However, these games have a higher risk of crashing when you least expect them. Once you learn how to play, the rest is about luck.

Here’s a classic example of a crash game: You wager $10 on a crash game. You stop the clock when the multiplier is 5.05x, meaning you won $50.5. If you didn’t stop the timer and the game crashed, you would have lost everything.

Top Casinos to Play Crash Games Online

Here are some of the best casinos offering crash games:

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Popular Crash Games Today

Now let’s look at some popular crash games on the market today:

1. Aviator

Aviator game demo verion

Aviator is a crash game developed by Spribe. It’s licensed in most European and American markets, although most casinos with this game use Curacao licenses. 

It’s a game of chance that pegs winning on probability. A player places a wager in units of 0.1 and upwards before the game starts. The plane flies, and concurrently, the multiplier increases. A player wins when they cash out before the plane crashes.

As with all crash games, it’s easy to play. The game mostly has no maximum allowable bets, although typically up to 1000 units.

Three features in Aviator set it apart from traditional crash games:

  • Automated cash-you can set a maximum multiplier for the round, and the game cashes out automatically
  • Automated bets-places bets for you before a round of aviator starts
  • Separate bets-allows you to place more than one bet on the same round

Aviator is available at popular betting sites and casinos.

2. Aviatrix

Aviatrix Crash game demo

For anyone familiar with Aviator, playing this game is easy. It’s a more recent crash game, coming to casinos in 2022. Players choose their planes, place their bets, and have to cash out before the plane goes boom.

What’s different is how Aviatrix has mapped the game graphics in this game. They are easy on your computer but rather appealing to play. You will feel like you’re playing a childhood game while gambling, for sure.

Players can customize their gaming planes. With this, the planes become valuable NFTs that can compete in the game.

Another perk is the multiplayer feature. Different players can compete, and rankings are displayed on the dash. Daily cashback keeps the players coming back for one more play.

3. Roobet Crash

Roobet Crash Game demo version

Roobet Casino brings you the Roobet Crash crashing game. The game is similar to Aviator in that both games have a graphical presentation. Roobet uses a rocket instead of a plane, though.

Bets are placed before the game, with both automated and separate bet options available. The game has a limitless multiplier, allowing you to play as long as you can.

While limitless crash games can be enticing, the trick is to wait long enough but not too long. The crash can be as low as during takeoff or 100 times your wager. The game has a minimum betting amount of 0.1 unit (crypto).

4. Gamdom Crash

Gamdom Crash game demo

Gamdom Crash is a proprietary game by Gamdom. The game has all the familiar features of a crash game. The only difference is its graphics, which mimic a triangle and a graphical representation.

The arrow moves against the time when the game starts. The multiplier increases as time passes and eventually, the game crashes randomly. A player has to discern when to cash out before the arrow crashes.

Gamdom Crash has auto bet and auto cash features to allow you to control your wager. The minimum bets for this game are $0.1 per round.

5. Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot game banner

We wouldn’t finish this list without mentioning Crash Bandicoot. The trilogy of Playstation games was developed initially by Naughty Dog for Sony. Crash Bandicoot introduced the world to crash gaming.

The game explores an imaginary island country where mutants exist with humans. The character Crash is a metahuman made in a lab experiment gone bad. As a result, Crash is hunted by the doctor, and he must escape to avoid annihilation.

The game is available for PS4 and up. Even though this ain’t a casino game, it’s worth mentioning.

Conclusion: Crash Games for All Ages

Crash gambling offers an intriguing gaming experience because it’s simple to master. You can see what to expect and the possibility of winning every round. The thrill of wagering on the unknown is also a winner for dopamine game lovers.

Another notable aspect of crash gaming is how affordable it is. Most online crash games accept all forms of payment, even crypto. You get to play more and withdraw your winnings quickly and easily.

Care should be taken when playing crash games, as they are very addictive. Players fall prey to excessive wagering due to the ease of play and possible wins. Always gamble responsibly, setting a time and dollar limit.

Whether you are a novice or a guru, crash gaming will always be fun. You can take advantage of the crash games listed in this guide for faster access to winning. All the best, and may you cash out before the crash.

Author Steve Myatt

Steve is the founder of Gamblers Cafe. He came up with the idea in 2022 and has been providing insights found herein. Having been in the gambling industry for over 5 years, he uses this opportunity to make the industry safe by assessing casinos and recommending the best ones.