Best Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

Steve Myatt
July 14, 2023
Sweepstake coins in a vault

Today, you can easily play your favorite casino games online on sweepstake casinos in the USA. There are dozens of them in various states that accept the use of the sweeps currency system.

This article covers everything you need to know concerning sweepstakes and social casinos in the US.

What is a sweepstake casino?

First things first, what is a sweepstake casino? Well, a sweepstake casino is a gambling platform that offers games and prizes where the participants can win real money by chance. They do not necessarily require you to place a wager to win, as is the case with real money casinos.

Instead of real money, the casinos provide you with gold coins to use as tickets to enter the available competitions. 

Luckily, nearly all the states in USA legally allow sweepstake gambling. Earlier, the sweepstakes were only available in physical casinos. However, the introduction of online sweepstake casinos has seen the game gaining massive popularity.

What is the difference between sweepstake casino and real money casino?

The main difference between sweepstakes and real money casinos is that in sweepstakes, there is no real money involved, while in real money casinos, you have to make real cash deposits.

Also, while real money casinos guarantee your payment if you win a bet, payouts in sweepstake casinos are not guaranteed. Instead, the payout is always by chance. 

We all know that most real money casino games are classified as luck or skill games under gambling laws. However, sweepstake casinos are ranked as sweepstakes as they do not involve player skills.

How does it work?

Getting started in a sweepstakes casino is quite easy. All you need to do is to identify your favorite sweepstake casino site and sign up for an account. Once you are done with the last registration step, the casino will automatically reward you with some coins.

With the coins, you can participate in a game of your choice, provided that it is offered by the casino. If you win the game, you will gain more coins to keep playing. Some of the most common games in sweepstake casinos are slots, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. If you accumulate many coins, you can swap them for credits that can be converted to real money. 

But, how then does a sweepstake casino make its money? Suppose you use all your gold coins and you do not win. You will have to purchase more others from the casino using real money, and that is where the casino raises its revenue.

What is a social casino?

A social game utilizes the same concept as a sweepstake one- they are free-to-play games found on social networking sites. Some of the popular social casinos are:

  • Doubledown casino
  • MyVegas slots
  • Zynga poker

Sweepstake casino bonus

Like any other gambling market, sweepstake casinos compete against each other in the search for clients. Hence, each site utilizes various strategies to entice customers into their betting rooms. One of the most common strategies across all casino sites is the use of incentives. Nearly all casinos run bonus and promotion campaigns for their customers.

Nearly all the reputable sweepstake casinos in USA offer sign-up bonuses upon registration. For instance, 100,000 free coins and 200 free spins when you join Gambino slots. However, the site only offers a fun-play experience.

Deposits and withdrawals in sweepstake casinos 

When you win bets and accumulate many points on sweepstakes and social casinos, you may need to convert them to credits that can be turned into cash. However, this process needs you to verify your identity first. You should provide an official document like an ID or passport to confirm it is you.

Also, you need to purchase sweeps when you run out of them. Luckily, the process is easy and straightforward if you have the money.

Regulations and legal terms when you play Sweepstake casino

Law hammer on a white backgound

Nearly all the states in USA legally allow their residents to participate in sweepstake casinos. Since the casinos do not use real money, they are not necessarily classified as gambling avenues. Hence, there are no harsh regulations and terms for casino players. 

You do not need to provide your identification details to play sweepstakes. However, you must be 18 years or older to enter these casinos.

List of sweepstake casinos

The most popular sweepstake casinos in the US include.

  • Pulsz
  • Funzpoints
  • Gambino
  • Sweepslots
  • Fortune coins

Drawbacks of playing at a Sweepstake casino

Despite sweepstake casinos being a good choice, they have some drawbacks, including:

  • Fewer game markets
  • Needs real money when you deplete your coins

Benefits of playing at a Sweepstake casino

You will enjoy the following when playing at a Sweepstake casino in the US:

  • No or less risk involved
  • Casinos are legal in most states
  • You get free coins upon registration

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