Casino Bonus Whoring – Is It a Crime?

Manu Murimi
enero 13, 2024
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You’ll rarely find an online casino stating, “Casino bonus whoring is prohibited”. That’s what makes this topic a bit complex. Bonus whoring – get used to the term – is not like using VPNs at casinos en línea. For the latter, casinos usually go straight to the point. Some illegalise the use of VPNs, while others don’t. To determine the legality of casino bonus whoring, it’s best to understand how it works. That is, how players do it and, most importantly, what it means for gambling websites.

What is Bonus Whoring?

The objective of a bonus whore/bagger/hunter is to tilt the scale in their favour through casino bonuses. A player usually aims to fulfil bonus requirements with little risk on their bankroll. After milking the casino dry of the bonus, a player then hops to another gambling website to do the same. It’s more of a rinse, repeat strategy.

By leaving their accounts dormant, the online casino may provide further bonus deals for the player to return. Of course, the bonus hunter will return, accept the offer, and vanish again. To outsmart casinos, players have developed a variety of tactics over time when hunting for casino bonuses. These include:

  • Playing high volatility tragamonedas, hoping to strike it big and turning a profit quickly
  • Choosing high RTP games with minimal odds
  • Playing table games with low house edge, especially blackjack and not tragamonedas
  • Staking small amounts until they reach the playthrough requirements, then cashing out immediately without planning to play again

What Does Bonus Whoring Mean for the Casino?

When analysing the impact of bonus whoring on the casino, we must take into account the number of bonus hunters. If every player bagged for casino bonuses, betting companies would go out of business. For the gambler, bonus whoring is no biggie. But for the gambling website, it may translate to consistent losses.

With time, online casino operators have understood how the strategy works. As a result, most of them have set their offers in a way that they won’t lose much money. Fortunately for gambling operators, only a handful of bettors are true bonus whores. Most gamblers who think about bonus whoring, however, are not organised to carry this out effectively.

To minimise this activity, most operators:

  • Increase their wagering requirements
  • Reduce the chance of earning from bonuses altogether
  • Look for bonus whores bragging about their accomplishments on the internet in gambling communities and take proactive measures to prohibit them.
  • Have terms and conditions that clearly (or indirectly) indicate that using bet structuring to withdraw bonus funds is prohibited.

In addition to these changes in approach, casinos employ sophisticated risk monitoring systems. This enables them to keep an eye on player activity. As a result, the casino may review the player’s details manually or ban the offending individual.

Also, several methods are available to assess a player’s performance and identify any concerning trends. These programs monitor a player’s earnings over time, accounting for variations and bonus money used.

Is It the Same As Bonus Abuse?

Casino bonus whoring is the same as bonus abuse because it involves:

  • Creating multiple accounts: A bonus whore thinks about opening several accounts to claim more bonuses. They may sign up using details of their family members. Since bonuses usually apply to one person per household, this is an immediate violation of the terms and conditions of most online casinos.
  • Placing large bets with bonus funds: Online casinos usually flag gamblers who place huge bets using their bonus money. For that reason, they usually set maximum bet limits when using bonus funds. This, however, doesn’t apply when using actual cash.
  • Conditioning deposits on bonuses alone: Bonus hunters will always make a deposit on the condition that the casino gives them a bonus in return.

Consequences of Casino Bonus Whoring

If an online casino flags you for bonus whoring, two things may happen. First, they won’t pay your winnings. This is regardless of the amount you won. A more severe option the casino may consider is banning you completely from gambling on their site. Remember how Ben Affleck was banned from playing blackjack?

The operator may also ban you from playing at sister casinos. Take Rabidi N.V. or Dama N.V. as examples. These iGaming companies operate dozens of websites. If you’re banned in one, you won’t be able to access others under their umbrella.

Should You Consider Bonus Whoring?

Whether you consider bonus whoring or not depends on your risk tolerance, preference, and the casino’s T&Cs. While it’s profitable, there are plenty of other ways to hit it big at online gambling sites. Sure, you might be able to make a few fast bucks. But is it worthwhile in the long run? Definitely not. From what we can tell, casino bonus whoring is a crime committed to the casino. Technology has come a long way, and in the end, it will always outwit you. 

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