Inspired by Brooklyn’s Great Heroes

Gambling legend Avery Cardoza’s Gambler’s Cafe features heros made with real Italian bread (crusty outside, soft inside), fresh-cut Boar’s Head meats (no fillers!) with pure olive oil, healthy we-make-it-for-you salads (our vegetables arrive fresh from California every day), classic sandwich favorites, and delicious bagel, pancake, and egg breakfasts. Authentic Brooklyn food: Big portions, Wise chips, Dr. Brown’s sodas, half-sour pickles, Martinelli juice, black & white cookies, real bagels. You get the idea. Fresh, healthy food—no microwave on premises—your order is prepared in front of you! Real food, real taste, meat cut when you order—we’re committed to giving you a great meal!


(702) 432-HERO

Delicious Breakfasts

pancake platter

Bagels and wraps, fresh-egg omelets and pancakes. Our full breakfast menu with Fresh bagels that are real – boiled and baked – not the chain bread-in-the-shape-of-a-bagel imitations. Enjoy bagel sandwiches, pancake platters, and fresh coffee to stat your day, or even finish it.

Healthy Salads

grilled chicken salad

Our salad station features fresh vegetables that come in daily from California. Choose either crispy romaine, fresh spinach, or our amazing spring mix, and then select from over 25 ingredients for a great salad exactly as you like it! Top with one of our 8 dressings. Not a side salad – huge 38 ounce bowl!

Authentic Heros

double hero sandwich

Our authentic Brooklyn heros (subs) start with real Italian bread (crusty outside, soft inside) – not the frozen dough version of the chains – and Boar’s Head meat – and ends with a wall of flavor. Pure olive oil and all-in fixings – cheese, shredded lettuce, red wine vinegar, tomato, onion, seasonings.

Gambler’s Sandwiches

grilled cheese tomatoes

Choose from four breads – marbled rye, sourdough, wheat, white – or make it with a wrap or bagel, and enjoy American staples like BLT’s, grilled cheese & tomato, tuna & cheese (served cold or as a melt), a veggie-loaded treat with humus, cheese, or cream cheese, and the chicken-bacon-swiss-ranch specialty.

Big 48 Ounce Salads. No Side Salads Here.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Awesome sandwiches and fresh tossed salads! Any place in town that serves east coast type sandwiches, I am in! The bread is the best…”


“Ordered delivery from the restaurant to our workplace. Food was absolutely amazing. Ordered a little bit of everything.”


“I ordered the Loaded Dice which was a ham and turkey with bacon. (All In, which is their version of the works) It was huge and it was delicious.”